Summit specializes in all aspects of environmental analysis and assessment, project management/planning, and regulatory compliance. We build a multi-disciplinary team with project-specific expertise at the local level for each project.

Summit provides services for:

Resiliency and Adaptation Planning

  • Resiliency Building and Adaptation Strategy Planning
  • Local Coastal Programs, Policy Development, and LCP Amendments
  • Shoreline Management/Protection Planning and Permitting
  • California Coastal Act Permitting and Compliance
  • Local Hazard Mitigation Planning

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • CEQA & NEPA Assessments, Reporting, and Compliance
  • Land Use Planning and Development Laws and Regulations
  • Resource Conservation and Management

Land Use Planning & Community Development

  • Discretionary Application Permit Processing
  • Resource Management Planning
  • Specific and Area Plan Development
  • Site Planning / Development Standards
  • Infrastructure and Utilities Planning

Project Management & Strategic Planning

  • Site Selection / Due Diligence / Regional and Local Permitting Requirements
  • Constraints and Opportunities Assessment
  • Resource Inventory and Mapping
  • Regional and Local Permitting Requirements