Summit produces science-based solutions through technical excellence and hard work. We advocate for your interests by setting realistic goals and objectives for your project and aggressively striving to achieve them. Clients turn to Summit for help navigating complex environmental regulations and business challenges because of our responsive nature and the proven results of our multidisciplinary team.

Summit is an innovative team of environmental professionals dedicated to providing outstanding client service, and technical and management expertise for complex and controversial projects. Our primary services include coastal and land use policy and permitting and environmental impact assessment, project management, regulatory permitting, and public agency adjunct staff services.

Client focused, we are effective at advocating for your goals. Summit has developed proven strategies for ensuring client satisfaction while providing environmental and regulatory compliance to address local, state, and Federal regulations, as well as stakeholder interests. Responsive to your needs, we provide technical and management expertise tailored to your projects.

Based on the principles of sound environmental management, Summit is committed to maintaining a balance between what’s good for the environment and what’s good for development. State and Federal laws require that government and private projects take into account protection of natural resource management and protected species. Expert planning and management makes that balance attainable.